Off Page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO techniques are all those techniques which you doaway from website to raise ranking of your website in Search engine result page(SERPs).There are two factors in SEO when it comes to increase traffic to your website On- Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. 10 Off Page Seo Techniques are following which are listed below


A brand can be name, design, symbol, etc which defined your services or product. The brand image reflects the image of how your users feel about the company/website. The biggest benefit of branding in SEO is searching your brand in a search engine by user eventually increase your brand authority and CTR as well. As the consumer is more fascinated with the brand quality, price and quantity there will be increase trustworthiness and loyalty towards the brand. Proper branding can eventually cause an increase in your sale and more organic traffic towards your website.


Yes, backlinks are considered as queen. So basically, Backlinks are linking your website to another website which is again authoritative and is relevant to your site as well. Seeking backlinks will eventually increase your Domain Authority, Page Authority, and increases traffic to your website. There are two types of backlinks No follow and Dofollow


Those links which do not allow Google to crawl are no-follow links. Do follow links are those links which allow google to follow them and reach the website

No Follow(Off Page SEO Techniques)



So benefits of backlinks are that it allows you to build your brand authority, drive traffic on autopilot, also create a new relationship, Faster indexing, etc


Blog commenting is defined as interaction/relation between blogs, readers, and bloggers. Best way to interchange objectives, opinions, and thought about feeling towards that particular topic of a blog post.


  • Increase in traffic
  • Building Relationship towards the reader
  • Increase Branding as well


  • Sometimes blogger does not allow your website to promote your content in the blog section.
  • Over Promoting can cause your comment to be spam.
  • Don’t be harsh on comments.


In simple terms writing a blog post in someone else website with a condition of acquiring backlinks, relationship, authority. So trie to connect with publishers of your related niche. So you might be thinking how can we connect with different bloggers?


1.Websites like Guest crew, my blog guest, etc. This article explains in detail different ways to reach out bloggers

2. Try to reach out to them personally on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. DM them and send your proposal.

3. Guest blogging in 2020 is still very efficient. Getting backlinks from authoritative websites increase your traffic, PA, DA, etc


Local businesses are online documents/portfolios that include relevant information about a business such as a name, address, telephone number and etc. Listing to local business are very fruitful for your business as it is another way of acquiring backlinks. These are some local business listing

  • Facebook (Domain Authority = 100)
  • Apple Maps (Domain Authority = 100)
  • Google My Business (Domain Authority = 100)
  • LinkedIn Company Directory (Domain Authority = 98)
  • Bing (Domain Authority = 94)
  • Yelp (Domain Authority = 94)
  • Better Business Bureau (Domain Authority = 93)
  • Foursquare (Domain Authority = 92)
  • MapQuest (Domain Authority = 92)
  • HubSpot (Domain Authority = 91)
  • Yellow Pages (Domain Authority = 91)
  • Angies List (Domain Authority = 91)
  • Yahoo! Local (Domain Authority = 91)
  • Manta (Domain Authority = 87)
  • Merchant Circle (Domain Authority = 86)
  • Super Pages (Domain Authority = 84)
  • Yellow Book (Domain Authority = 83)
  • Thumbtack (Domain Authority = 82)
  • (Domain Authority = 77)
  • (Domain Authority = 76)
  • Hot Frog (Domain Authority = 76)
  • (Domain Authority = 75)
  • (Domain Authority = 73)
  • (Domain Authority = 72)
  • La Cartes (Domain Authority = 68)
  • (Domain Authority = 67)
  • (Domain Authority = 67)
  • (Domain Authority = 67)
  • Spoke (Domain Authority = 66)
  • (Domain Authority = 66)
  • City Squares (Domain Authority = 66)
  • Cylex USA (Domain Authority = 66)
  • (Domain Authority = 66)
  • BOTW (Domain Authority = 65)
  • (Domain Authority = 65)
  • (Domain Authority = 63)
  • Get Fave (Domain Authority = 63)
  • (Domain Authority = 63)
  • (Domain Authority = 60)
  • Call Up Contact (Domain Authority = 60)
  • (Domain Authority = 60)
  • My Huckleberry (Domain Authority = 59)
  • (Domain Authority = 59)
  • (Domain Authority = 58)
  • City Insider (Domain Authority = 58)
  • (Domain Authority = 58)
  • My Sheriff (Domain Authority = 57)
  • (Domain Authority = 56)
  • (Domain Authority = 55)
  • (Domain Authority = 55)
  • (Domain Authority = 55)
  • (Domain Authority = 54)
  • (Domain Authority = 52)
  • (Domain Authority = 50)
  • (Domain Authority = 49)
  • Bizadee (Domain Authority = 48)
  • (Domain Authority = 47)


Forums allow you to ask questions and provide answers. This opportunity helps to build your online reputation. Forums are typically a place where people share information to help each other. Actively participating in forums increases the chance to connect with people and broaden your network. Some forums are listed below


Google webmaster help community is considered as best forums as it is owned by Google itself and it generated 1000 threads per month. In this forum, you can ask questions related to any field and can give an appropriate answer.


Quora is another great forum writing place where you can interact with people and discuss different topics.


The SEO chat forum is an excellent forum for SEO lovers. You can provide answers to questions. After getting registered you will get a chance to access more than 400,000 threads.


Developing your content and sharing them on Youtube is a great idea. There are 2 different ways that you can share your content on youtube.

  • Collaborate with a YouTuber whose niche is related to your niche after that promotes your website content on their website.
  • Create a youtube channel which deals with your niche. It will increase your branding as well.


Influencer Marketing is another way in which you endorsed or promote your product by different influencers or celebrities. Like if my website is about SEO. I will like to promote my services by Neil Patel who is considered as the king in SEO.So if your blog or services is about fashion you will like to promote your services by JAYzz or someone more relevant to the industry. According to a report shown by HubSpot 80% of marketers agree that influencer marketing is effective while 89% says it’s okay[not bad]. While 71% says the quality of traffic from influencer marketing is still relevant than other Marketing strategies

Off Page SEO technique include Broken Link


Broken link building is the strategy in which you look out for broken links and replace them with recreated content. Then you tell everyone linking to dead resources to links with recreated content. Improving your link building will increase your traffic towards your website and it is an essential part of off-page SEO strategy


Promoting your content on a different social media platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Tumblr is a great idea. As we know about 166 million people daily use social media. So promoting your website on social media sounds great.

3 steps to promote your website on social media


Building a social media presence is the basic step for achieving your goals. Try to daily post if not daily at least post weekly 2-3 times. The main reason when you are creating a whole new brand on social media takes time so being consistent is important. After then try to reach out to your friends, employees, etc to build your authority.


Join those Linkedin groups which are appropriate to your niche. Most people in LinkedIn are professionals hungry for knowledge. If your content is appreciated by those professionals chances are they can become your daily post reader. Once you are in a group share your content that your colleagues will love but be aware of spamming as well


Promoting a website with ads is not tough. You can easily promote your website on Facebook, Instagram, google ads with less budget, and a great audience as well. So promoting your website on Facebook and Instagram is a considerable thing.


Branded searches are those searches that include the name of a company, your logo, Business. You need to audit your brand searches at least 2 times in one month to increase your branding. People search for your brand are those who are looking to purchase something or if you are content writer people are mostly looking for relevant content on your website. Often its simple to resolve your branding issue by creating a new page, recreating the content, or changing meta description but some times it directly affects your PR and the reputation of your brand as well. Learn more about how to audit your branded searches and can be name, design, symbol, etc which defined your services or product. The brand image reflects an image of how your users feel about the company/website Biggest benefit of branding in SEO is searching your brand in the search engine by user eventually increase your brand authority and CTR as well. As the consumer is more fascinated with the brand quality, price and quantity there will be increase trustworthiness and loyalty towards the brand. Proper branding can eventually cause an increase in your sale and more organic traffic towards your website


off-page SEO is very important. About 40% of SEO experts spend time on off-page optimization. As off-page SEO increases your domain authority through proper content and also affects your Page authority as well. So yup hopefully these 10 off-page SEO techniques helped your knowledge about SEO.