Is digital marketing a good carrer well Since everything is progressing online Marketing has also been revolved. We see nowadays that Marketing done in past is not the same as Marketing done today. Frequently asked questions as a Marketer Is marketing a good career ? or What is the Future of Marketing? Or what is Marketing?.

Digital marketing is the component of marketing in which we can promote/market our products and services within digital means.  

Digital Means Include:

  • Search Engine optimization 
  • Off Page SEO
  • On page SEO
  • Search engine Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Is Digital Marketing a good career 

 Is Digital Marketing a good career? my answer in simple words yes. According to the latest report, there is a requirement for skilled digital Marketers and it will progress to 30% in 2022. In 2025 this industry is supposed to be worth $400 billion. As businesses are going online demand for this skill is also increasing. In 21 centuries if you don’t know how to market your product digitally then chances of failure are increasing. 90% of activities start with the search engine. According to HubSpot 5.8 billion searches are done per day 77% of Canadians make an online purchase every month. So the above reports clearly show that the requirement of professional marketers in this industry is a requirement. You don’t even need a college degree to do marketing. You can learn this skill in 5 months from Coursera and Udemy and some institutions also offer free courses like Digi skill. In the end, skill doesn’t need a college degree 

prominent careers in digital marketing 

  • Direct Marketing Specialist: A fresher digital marketing specialist earns about $4000 monthly. 
  • Digital Marketing Manager: A entry-level digital marketing manager typically earns about $8000.
  • Digital Marketing Director: Typically earns about double the income of Marketing specialist and typically earns about $14000. 
  • Future Of Marketing

The future of marketing is great. As I described this industry expanded to grow to a 365 billion dollar industry in 2025 and its great news for emerging marketers. Artificial Intelligence, GPT3 going to make marketing easy in the future as these tools will manage your 5 hours of work in 5 minutes. Marketing in the future is all about being creative understanding problems and resolving the problem by appropriate marketing strategies. The technology is going to revolutionize the industry as well as marketing techniques and skills. The revolution brought by AI has cause marketers to be more efficient. Artificial intelligence will be brought new tools that will precise their work. Hence the life of a marketer will be getting easier in the future. here are something things which will revolutionize marketing in future due to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 

  • Data in the future will be collected more efficiently to make the decision more rapidly 
  • You will understand your audience data more organized way rather than the complex way 
  • Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning deep research work will be done by robots and it will help marketers in a more valuable way 


I hope your answer of is digital marketing a good carrer may have been found.This is booming industry and there are demand of this skill in this industry.o for the future of marketers best and good luck