Onpage SEO

On-page SEO factors depend upon several things but before diving, to on-page SEO factors we need to understand some terms like what is on-page SEO ? and is it really important. It is the practice of improving/optimizing your web page to rank higher and receiving higher traffic in search engines. On-page refers to HTML code, HTML tags and content to be optimized in the proper way 

  • Is On-page Seo Important

On-page SEO is really important as it helps google search engines to better understand your website, whole content, and also identify that is your content relevant to the search query. Google still uses an old fashioned technique that identifies user intent by keywords and heading. Google Search Engine reports indicate that choosing those targeted keywords which go with the search query of the user, the greater chance will be there that your keyword will be relevant and be seen by the user.

On-page Seo Factors

  1. Bounce rate

The bounce rate can be defined as the percentage of people who visit your website without interacting with other pages. Bounce rate all depend upon these factors

  • Content 
  • User intent
  • Type of visitor 

   Your bounce rate should be less if you want your website ranking to be increased. A bounce rate of 0-50 is acceptable.   

  1. Page loading speed:

 It is also considered as the biggest factor in on-page SEO.If page loading speed is about 3- seconds then that’s great but pages that take more than 7 seconds must need to review their loading time and need to add some plugins which can increase their page speed or compress their images because too many images also cause your site speed to decrease.

    3 .Click-Through Rate

Itis the ratio of users who click on a keyword and visit your website to the total number of users who view the page but don’t visit the page. The formula for CTR is

Total click on website / total impression = CTR

To increase your CTR you must have an appealing keyword which grabs the audience to your website

4. Optimizing your title

Optimizing your title is an important key aspect in Onpage Seo and you must be aware of it. Don’t stuff your title with too many keywords as it will cause keyword stuffing, also give every page a unique title. Properly optimizing your title will increase your chance of ranking

5.Structure of your keyword

Your keyword structure is very important because your keyword structure has a direct impact on your Click Through Rate. Your title structure for a blog site 

Your title structure for Blog

Your title structure for Ecommerce website 

6.H1 and H2 Headings

Your blog post title should be in H1. Only the blog title can be in H1 while the heading other than the title will be wrapped in H2. Your H1 heading should be unique, informative, and creative.

 7. Use a question title tag

Questions are a great thing to be used in the title tag. Things like where the Eiffel tower is located or why the rainbow has different colors. Cause we know the majority of people have some sort of question in their minds when they visit Google. And if their query gets matched with your keyword greater chance will be there to be ranked. Using questions as a keyword has a greater chance to be featured in a snippet.

8. Add Some Sentiments to your Title

A report shown by backlinks shows that adding some sentiments in your blog post title can increase your CTR 7% rather than those blog title which does not have sentiment in their title, However, be aware adding the sentiment in your blog title and clickbait have huge difference line between them.  

9. Keyword frequency 

Keyword frequency refers to how frequently your keyword appears in your content. If the frequency of your keyword is low, you’ll have a low chance of ranking in that specific keyword until/unless the competition is very low, however if your keyword frequency is very high it sends a signal to the search engine that the user is opting for black hat technique called as keyword stuffing

10.Keyword density

It is the percentage of time your keyword appears in the whole content to the total number of words on the content. According to google search engine optimization keyword density can be used to find if the content is relevant to the specific keyword or not

11. Keyword Prominence

Keyword prominence refers to how prominent your keyword is. And how close your keyword is to the beginning of the section. Using those keywords which are not prominent in the content can cause a decrease in user experience and SEO ranking may be affected. If your keyword is under 300 words then it’s great.

12. Use Unique Keyword-rich meta description

Using a unique keyword-rich meta description is great for your SEO. The keyword-rich meta description not only has a great chance to rank on the first page but also in a featured snippet. Search engine highlight term in the search result when it matches with users search keyword by bolding the phrase or word.Visit webfx.com to learn about internetmarketing as well

 13. Pages with Meta description have a high ranking 

It was shown that pages with meta description have 7% more Click Through Rate than pages without meta description. If you will not enter the meta description then Yoast  Seo will automatically add a meta description. It will be more preferable if you write a meta description with your targeted keyword with 130 words.

14. Include the keyword in the URL

Using keywords in your URL that includes keywords can improve your SEO ranking. Generally, keywords have a big impact on your website, but be aware of using those keywords which are out of context as it can cause a decrease in your site ranking.

On-Page SEO Factors

15. Make your URL Short

Shortening the length of the URL is considered as a great thing for your SEO ranking. Choosing a short URL not only considers as best SEO practices but also makes users increase their user experience.

16. Do Not Use Capital Letter

Using capital letters as a URL is considered a black hat technique. Further, if you will use capital letters for your Universal resource locator (URL), users will get an error 404 page if they attempt to use lowercase letters.

17. URL must be readable by anyone

Avoid using those URLs which is difficult for users to understand because it will eventually disturb user experience which will hurt SEO ranking. Avoid using those keywords which are out of context.

18. Internal Linking

Linking one page of the domain to another page of the domain. Internal linking is another useful factor to increase your Seo ranking. The benefit of internal linking is that user visiting your one blog post/page will also visit your other blog post/page which will eventually increase your user experience and bounce rate as well

19. Outbound Links

These are those links that link one website to another website. Outbound links will increase your domain authority and page authority as well. Another benefit of outbound links is that it will help Search engines to better understand your niche and increases quality and site performance and ranking.

20.Unique content

Unique Content is important for you to increase your SEO performance because if your content is not unique and if it’s been detected plagiarised then you might have a negative ranking. So always use unique content to rank.

21.Length of Content

Length of content matters a lot if you are competing for those keywords in which your competitor content length is 1000 words then you might aim for 2000 words to rank and increase your site ranking.

22.Content Updated

Your content must be updated because it will generate more quality traffic to your website which will make it more appealing. You will eventually move up in the Search Engine Result Page(SERPS) which increases your organic traffic and site ranking as well.

23. Content Is King

Make your content stunning. If your content is organized and it is written professionally with headings, Images, Alt tags, etc it will have a positive image on the google search engine which will increase your user experience rate, bounce rate, domain authority, and page authority increase as well.

Advanced Seo

24. Featured snippet

Featured snippets are those selected search results that are presented on top of google results. If the targeted keyword is presented as a featured snippet you might receive extra traffic to your website which will increase your site ranking.Please visit marketo.com to learn more about digital marketing as wellOn-Page SEO Factors


25.Image Optimization

Image optimization is another ranking factor

  • Try using a relevant image that suits with content
  • Try to use those images which have the smaller size so it may not affect your page loading speed
  • Use Alt Tags in your Seo
  • Include keywords in your image

   26. Maintain Your technical Seo

Technical Seo include

  • Continuously update your site
  • Try using HTTPS
  • Use plugins which improve your website speed
  • Do a weekly audit your website 

27. Create landing pages

Landing pages that are Seo optimized will increase your leads and sales as well. The landing page must include

  • Intellectual, Useful content for landing page
  • A call to action e.g signup for our course, signup for our newsletter, etc

28. The website should be mobile-friendly 

80% of searches are done by mobile so if your website is not mobile-friendly then it will harm users.

3 ways to make your website mobile-friendly

  • Use those plugins in WordPress which can make your website to be more Seo friendly
  • Use those themes which are mobile-friendly
  • If you want to know if your website is mobile-friendly or not use this tool of Google

29. Website Audit 

Do your website audit every week? Delete those posts or pages which are not performing well or try to rewrite them. See your bounce rate, see your comments, see your user experience and improve them

30.Table of content

For content longer than 1000 words must have a table of content because it will increase your user experience and it will be easy for the user to find what he is looking for. Table of content will increase tour bounce rate, Domain authority which will eventually lead you to increase in your SEO ranking


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