website optimization strategy in 2021

Website Optimization Strategy In 2021

Website optimization strategy in 2021

Website Optimization also known as On Page SEO which can be defined as Refering to all those techniques in which you optimize your website content for better ranking on Google Search engine result page. So website optimization deals more with that stuff which makes your website google and user friendly. For me, impressive on-page SEO can easily help you boost your ranking on the Google search result page and according to most SEO professionals spend 60% of the time in On-Page SEO and 30% of the time in off-page SEO and the rest in Technical stuff of website.

1.Optimization Of Keyword how keyword helps in website optimization strategy in 2021 in Title  

So the title tag in your keyword is very important. Putting focus keywords in your title tag can help and improve your site SEO try to include your focus keyphrase at the beginning of the title as it will be more helpful. Keywords in the heading are an essential part of your SEO performance. 

 Keyword in Description Tag  

Your description needs your keyword. yes, your description can be only properly SEO optimized if your keywords appear in your description and it’s better if your keyword appears at the start of your meta description. So basically, if someone search is pasta simple to make and if there is no title of this targeted keyword then its second priority will be meta description. So including your keyword will boost up your SEO performance  

Keyword Prominence 

So keyword prominence refers to how close your focus keyword is to the beginning of your page or post. So your focus keyword can be in the page header, meta tags, it can be on the starting of your paragraph  

Keyword Appears in Headings  

Absolutely because the main reason your keyword should be in the headings is that it tells both users and search engine that what your content is about. Having your focus keyphrase or synonym in subheadings(H2, H3, H4, H5) can also boost up your SEO ranking. But search engine pay close attention to the keywords in H1.

2.Your Content-Length Matters

Content length will have greater impact on website optimization strategy in 2021.Your content length dominates your search ranking. Typically pages which rank on top search engine have about 2500 words. So focusing on long content is as important as providing quality content because you don’t want your reader to get bored after reading your content.  

  • Longer content helps in backlinks(50)  
  • Yes Longer content helps in backlinks cause simple formula   

                      More content=more backlinks  

         So providing more brief content will help you in backlinks which eventually will help you in your search ranking  

  • Longer content helps in CTR(50)  
  • Longer content will help you in your Click-through rate. As the search engine will give you preference in the ranking, it will boost your ranking in search engine  

3.Website Loading Speed Enable compression  

So basically when you visit a website your browser sends a request to the server where your files are stored. In due time it establishes a connection between the two. Afterward, it submits files to your browser through request packets. In each of the packets, all those necessary files will operate your website. As these files are received, they will be downloaded. So this process seems you might complicate and difficult to understand but matter it takes seconds to do this process. So our goal is to compress these files e.g. CSS. JavaScript and HTML so we can optimize our website speed  

Mobile-Friendly websites  

About 5.20 billion mobile users are there according to data from GSMA intelligence. According to a report from Hitwise, there are 60% of online searches are done by mobile devices. So it is very important to optimize our website for mobile devices. Followings are steps you can do to optimize your website for devices  

  1. Your website should be responsive  
  2. Use AMP for your websites  
  3. Your website’s design will be simple  
  4. Use Plugins that support mobile-friendly websites  
  5. Don’t use flash    


Well as we know the first impression is the last. The same is with a website If your URL is not engaging and appealing then most of the users will not be interested in your service. Google also considered the Optimization of URLs as a ranking factor. Below are some measures you can take to optimize your URL

  1. Keep it as simple as possible.  
  2. Try to use short URL
  3. Your URL should have a lower case letter and hyphens
  4. Take out the extra words in the page part of the URL slug.  
  5. Include relevant keywords.  
  6. Don’t keyword stuff.  
  7. Make it reader-friendly.  

 6.Domain Age, URL, and Authority 

So most people believe that domain age has a direct impact on your SEO. The older domain will be more beneficial than newly domain registered but is not like that according to google  

Absent any other ranking qualities, domain age does not have an impact on your site’s domain SEO health, according to Google. However, in practice, domain age can be used as an indicator of the quality of a site’s SEO, assuming they’ve utilized best practices.  

According to John Mueller  

No, domain age helps nothing.  

— 🍌 John 🍌 (@JohnMu) July 5, 2019  

 7.User Experience  

You might be thinking why is user experience so important for readers. Its because it can fulfill the demands of users. Making website content more productive and more educational will make your readers more punctual towards your blog posts. You might be thinking of what makes your website more User experience  

Factors that influence user experience  

  1. Content needs to be unique and more productive  
  2. Your website should not be too much complex rather easy to navigate  
  3. Use of images, videos, and brand will invoke your SEO performance  
  4. Credibility is really important to imagine there are two websites each of which provides online books. A has displayed testimonials of their clients B haven’t. Generally, it will improve the credibility of A website which will result in a sale,  
  5. Try to summarize your content cause user will not read your whole article but by adding heading, pictures, and videos it will create a great user experience


Internal linking is really important. Internal linking is linking from one page to another page but in the same domain. So you might be thinking what is the use of internal linking  

3 benefits of internal linking  

  • Connect your content with your audience  
  • Gives structure and idea of your website to google  
  • Send traffic to older posts which will ultimately increase your visitors  

9.Secure And accessible websites

As you know that in this digital world security for your website is important and Google gives favor to those websites which are more secure. So having secure website should be your main priority when creating website optimization strategy in 2021.Steps for creating secure and accessible website  

  1. Installing an SSL Certificate 
  2. Use Anti Malware software  
  3. Updating of website  
  4. Use weekly backups  
  5. Update your website PHP


creating website optimization strategy in 2021 is important as it helps to optimize content and website which will ultimately help to gain organic traffic to the website. So my conclusion will be that your website will need to be optimized properly if you want to rank in search engines.So you need to have a clear website optimization strategy in 2021 if you want to be in top 1%























































































website optimization strategy in 2021                                                    website optimization strategy in 2021

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